Windshield at Full Power

Things to Do After Getting a Windshield Repair

A windshield isn’t just any piece of glass, it’s an extremely important part of your car. Any damage it might have could compromise your safety, more so with your newly replaced windshield. So, it’s only right to take proper care of your newly replaced windshield — according to windshield repair experts — to make sure it lasts a long time and stays in good condition. And to ensure that your new windshield will stay in great shape, here are some things to know:

Don’t drive your car yet

The first day after your new windshield has been installed is the most critical. Because professionals use adhesives to hold the windshield glass in place, this would create a durable, waterproof seal around it. Which is why it’s important to leave it enough to set and dry. Therefore, you should wait at least an hour before driving your car.

Keep every area clear

As the seal is drying, you wouldn’t want foreign objects pushing against it or sticking to it. Don’t cover your car for two to three days after the installation.

Open windows

Sometimes, air pressure will put extra stress on the seal around the newly installed windshield as it dries. So that no pressure will build up, which can lead to leaks, leave one window slightly open. Also, do this on the day the windshield is installed

Retention tape

Windshield repair mechanics normally use a retention tape on the shield so it would hold its molding in place. This will ensure the seal will always be protected from everything as it dries. It may not look pretty, but it’s best to leave it there for a few days after the windshield installation.

Avoid car wash

Avoid any kind of car wash like power washers, high-pressure car washes, and automatic car washes. This is for the new molding not to get damaged or shift before it completely sets in. Consider regular handwashing if you do need to clean your car.

Go easy on your windshield

Try to avoid any unnecessary pressure on the adhesive on your new windshield as it sets. Gently close the car doors instead of slamming them and avoid roads with many potholes and bumps.

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